Dry skin brushing

This method has made such a difference to my skincare routine. Dry body brushing has become popular in the last couple of years due to it’s wonderful health benefits. People have physically been noticing results from this. Many claim their skin feels smoother, cellulite becomes less obvious, and overall they feel better. Dry body brushing can be a couple minutes of ‘me time’ for you, and you can enhance the experience with essential oils, along with setting the intent to love and appreciate your body, followed by a mindful shower.


Benefits of dry body brushing:
-Exfoliates the skin.

-Opens the pores and enables the body to release toxins.
-Activates lymphatic system, promoting the flow of lymph fluid (lymph nodes are the main detoxification source for the body).
-Reduces muscle tension.
-Energises in the morning and relaxes at night-time.
-Softens hard fat deposits beneath the skin and helps skin absorb nutrients.
-Improves skin circulation by activating sweat glands and bringing moisture to the surface of the skin.
Improves digestion.
How to dry body brush:
-Start at the feet and brush towards your heart (the main reason for brushing towards the heart is because this is the way the lymph fluid travels).
-Start from the left to right side of the body, either in circular motion or small swift movements.
-Press the brush on your skin to the point of where it is still comfortable and won’t cause swelling of the skin or red marks.-
-Ideally have a warm to fairly hot shower or bath afterwards to cleanse the pores and help toxins to be expelled.


-Be sure to use/buy a natural fibred brush.
-Do not brush over inflamed skin, sunburn or wounds.
-Wash and dry brush beforehand to remove dead skin cells (ideally dry the brush in the sun, once a week is fine).
-Don’t press too hard, dry body brushing should never hurt.
-Add a couple of drops of your choice of essential oil such as sandalwood or lavender to the brush to enhance the experience and penetrate the benefits of the oil into the skin (no more than a few drops of oil)
-When showering after, switch water from hot to cold occasionally which is beneficial for the nervous system and lymphatic system.
-Dry body brush both morning and night for maximum effect.
-After the shower, moisturise your skin with your choice of oil such as coconut or olive oil.
Watch a demonstration of one way to dry skin brush from Ashley’s green life
This post is from my article on Healthy hints

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