Home-made Cocoa lip balm

This homemade lip balm leaves your lips feeling nourished and soft, and leaves a subtle chocolatey tint to your lips. The cinnamon powder acts as a natural plumper. Not to mention that the shelf-life is incredibly long! Enjoy a nourishing, tinted and natural plumping lip balm with the clarity of knowing it contains no chemicals 🙂


You will need:

1 small teaspoon chopped or grated beeswax
4 teaspoon coconut oil (or your oil of choice)
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
A container to store your lip balm
Step 1. Put the beeswax in your small pot on the stove and heat on a very low temperature. While the beeswax is melting, mix your oil in a bowl with the cocoa powder and cinnamon powder.
Step 2. Once the beeswax is melted, take it off the heat and then pour the oil mixture through the sieve into the pot with the beeswax. Mix.
Step 3. Once mixed thoroughly, pour the full mixture into your container.
Step 4. Let the container sit without the lid on for about 30 minutes to solidify.


-Although I chose coconut oil for this lip balm, you can use any oil of your choice. Some suggestions are olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, almond oil or grapeseed oil.
-I highly recommend using all organic ingredients if you can.
-Instead of chopping the beeswax, you can also grate it with some kind of cheese grater which will give you a more equal amount.
-Be careful not to add too much wax as it can make the lip balm too hard.
You can heat the ingredients in the microwave if you prefer, although it is best to heat via the stove to ensure optimal nutrients are contained within the lip balm.
This post is from my article Homemade cocoa lip balm

– See more at: http://healthyhints.com.au/homemade-cocoa-lip-balm/#sthash.O4ts6xjl.dpuf


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