My second ‘Hypnobirth’ story


My second daughter is now 14 months old. My pregnancy with her was very smooth just like my first. I seem to feel my best during pregnancy and my worst post-partum. So onto my hypnobirthing story with Scarlett (well as much as I can recall as I don’t have the best memory.)

I didn’t attend any hypnobirthing classes with my second pregnancy like I did with the first. I did read some of the book, occasionally listened to the cd towards the end and practiced some breathing.  I felt confident that I would experience not a painful birth, but a beautiful and empowering one. I was in a good mindset about this for my entire pregnancy. When people asked me if I was scared, I could honestly answer ‘not in the slightest. Just excited.’

I was overdue nearly two weeks and booked in for an advised induction the day after I gave birth naturally. I had been having very mild contractions on and off for the past day but not too many symptoms or labor. The midwife came to my home in the morning to give me a membrane sweep (suppose to loosen the cervix a bit and hopefully get things moving.) She left and a few hours later I started to have sporadic mild contractions. I kept going about my day but decided to call Dave (my fiance) to let him know what was happening as he was working at the Gold Coast that day and feared missing the birth.

All afternoon I experienced mild contractions that didn’t seem to be increasing in intensity much at all and I was still able to walk normally without having to stop. Dave came home and I made dinner for my daughter and put her to bed like normal (I think my body was kind of intuitively waiting to put her to bed before labor truly began. Strange things happen like this when your body takes over completely!) Dave and I went to bed around 9 hoping to get some sleep but didn’t really as contractions started to increase in intensity a little.

From here on I don’t remember much about the night. It is a blurred memory of swaying in the shower, leaning and swaying over my fitness ball in the soft lighting in the lounge room, rhythmically matching my breath up to my contractions, and purely just feeling and listening to my body. Dave was in and out of a light sleep on the sofa but would get up and gently rub my back or play with my hair when I had my contractions. He timed them too. I felt supported.

This memory instantly puts me in a place of calm. I felt centred, peaceful, and just where I was suppose to be. I was gently moving by baby down with each surge and breath, or should I say allowing my baby to move without resisting or tightening up. I did this by not labelling the sensations as painful, but as intense. Not seeing them as hurting me but seeing them as a powerful intelligence within my body allowing my baby to be born safely. Each surge was bringing my baby closer to me. 

At around 4am we made the decision to move to the hospital. We had called the midwife and she told us she thought that the contractions aren’t long enough yet and that we should wait some more. Instead, I followed my intuition and knew it was time to go, so we went anyway.

The car journey was extremely intense. I could feel Scarlett’s head had dropped signicantly inside of me and with each contraction I knew she was quickly moving further down. By this point, breathing through the powerful waves of contraction was no longer enough for me to ride them. I had to use my voice. Thinking back, we should have recorded it because it would have been hilarious to listen to afterwards. I didn’t scream but I used my voice in whatever way by humming or groaning to allow me to ride the intensity of the contractions.  

We parked at the hospital and no-one was in sight. It was dark and warm and I could see the glowing light of the hospital doors but had no idea how I was going to get there by walking. I didn’t want to walk, I wanted to lean on my fiance and groan. But he told me we had to walk, and somehow, I did. Step by step and a few contractions later we finally made it to the birthing suite. The receptionist asked me my details but all I could do was lean over the desk and make hilarious sounds during my FUCKING intense contraction. I wasn’t fully present at this point but completely inside my body, listening to and experiencing everything, working as a team with my baby and my muscles. 

The midwife saw us and guided us to our room. I laid down on the bed, had another INCREDIBLY powerful and strong contraction and vomited as well. She wanted to check how dilated I was but I knew this wasn’t necessary and needed to move off the bed onto the toilet. NOW.

The midwife underestimated how soon the baby was coming and left the room to get something for the shower. Just before the next contraction approached, I knew this was it. As a huge wave of a contraction came on, I told Dave that the babies head is coming out and he quickly rushed to get the midwife.

Then came moments of somehow peaceful transitions off of the toilet to taking off my clothes and suddenly on all fours naked in the shower. I was not feeling one bit of embarrassment or exposure like I thought I might in front of my partner, midwife and a random nurse all behind me in this moment. Instead I felt a good kind of vulnerability mixed with a whole lotta strength. Dave held the shower head on my back and the warm water soothed all of intensity and made it all the more beautiful.

My groans began to turn more into roars as I started to push my baby out rather than gently breathing her down. The midwife directed me to turn my sound more inward to pushing her out and once I did this, I felt her head and rest of her body emerge out of me.

Relief. It’s over.

As I heard my partner cry for the first time, I turned around and saw my beautiful (and rather big baby) who was surprisingly clean like she had been bathed. I managed to turn around in the shower. With both of us entangled in the cord which was still attaching her to me, I brought her into my arms.


What a journey. What a creation. Dave and I had only been in a relationship for a couple of months before we conceived. What felt like a long 9 months of still getting to know each other and many huge changes, our baby had also been growing and here she was. A tiny little human with a huge future. Regardless of all the uncertainty Dave and I’s future held at this moment in all other aspects of life, one thing we knew for sure was this creation is certain to be loved and cherished forever, by both of us.

Thank you for reading one of my most treasured memories!

Love Jade xxx


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