The battle

The questions in my head refuse to go to bed,

The enquiries in my mind hesitate to turn a blind eye,

A battle between contentment and the search for more, a fight between the desire to be in the now and the ever wandering flow of rampant, unapologetic thoughts,

A confusion at the amount of decision and choice given to oneself in a world that is going to make its decisions for you,

A deep trust, yet a continuous stampede of questions of what im trusting in,

A mix if a creative, spiritual being and a habit forming animal instinct,

The desire to sit and take in every available space of the joy and abundance given to me in each moment, yet the strong pull of my ego trying to steal my attention,

The complexity of all life, contained in one physical body which is a mere speck of existence in the vast and inconceivable universe in which I reside.

What. The. Fuck. Even. Is. Life?


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